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Shipping & Delivery

Welcome to Plastic Products PK, we are a reliable company specializing in all kinds of plastic products. Being one of the most prominent plastic product manufacturers in Pakistan, caters to the best quality of all types of plastic products throughout the country with extra concern and supply. In this page you will find details concerning our shipping and delivery services that you need to know once you order for a product with us till it is delivered to your doorstep.  

Quality and Timeliness of our Services 

At Plastic Products PK, our clients know the value of cheap, fast, and secure delivery. From plastic moulding for business to purchase of plastic products for home, here at we ensure that your orders are delivered to you in the best condition as we had agreed on. 

Delivery Charges 

We also have affordable delivery charges to help make our quality featured plastic products easily available in the markets of Pakistan. Our delivery charges are as follows:

Karachi: PKR 400 

Other Regions: PKR 800+ 

We ensure that the delivery charges are moderate while at the same time delivering the best services. 

Shipping Process 

Whenever a client decides to purchase their choice item from Plastic Products PK, we have a team of dexterous people who begin to work on the order right away. Here’s a step-by-step overview of our shipping process:

Order Confirmation: Once you place your order, we shall send to you an email of confirmation of the order placed with the approximate time frame to deliver the order. 

Processing: Plastic Products PK The client is assured that our team of expert professionals takes adequate time to ensure that all the orders prepared for dispatch are properly packed to avoid any harm that may be inflicted on them while in transit. 

Dispatch: The items that you have purchased are shipped through our reliable logistic service providers to ensure that your consignment gets to you in the shortest time possible. 

Delivery Timeframes 

Karachi: 1-3 business days 

Other Regions: All the 3 to 7 business days 

Kindly be informed that delivery may take a certain number of days depending with your location and other factors like unfavorable weather and other holidays. We do everything possible to shorten the time and keep you updated. 

Tracking Your Order 

That is why we care about the fact that a client needs to know his or her order status. After the order has been shipped you will be provided with a tracking number. This means that one is able to track his or her shipment till it is delivered physically to his or her home. 


The quality of our products does not end at the production of the product but even stretches our packaging. It is for this reason that at Plastic Products PK we reliable and strong packing material that will protect your plastic products during transportation while at the same time being environment friendly. Irrespective of the type of plastic products you have ordered whether plastic moulding products or any other plastic products then you should be sure that your products will get adequate protection during transshipment. 

Exceptional Customer Service 

We decided that one of the key organizational goals should be customer satisfaction. Feel free to contact our friendly customer service department for prompt help on any matter concerning your order. You can use the email provided or better still use the mobile number provided and am assured of a positive response. 

International Shipping 

At the moment, the company in focus, Plastic Products PK, targets its business mostly to people in Pakistan. However, we are planning to add the option for overseas delivery in the near future. Please wait as we continue to try our best to offer the best of the plastic products to people around the world. 

Being a company that operates in the current society, Plastic Products PK embraces environmental conservation. There is nothing more important than the welfare of the environment therefore we advocate on the use of environmentally friendly products and sustainable production methods.