Plastic products PK, are normally one the households used in every single house. They are such as plastic bowls, plastic bottles, plastic lunch boxes, plastic jugs, and many more plastic items. Our plastic products quality is fine and most used items all over Karachi. It was established in 2000 and is still present. We Are getting good responses for our items so we decided to bring them online. Our plastic items are highly qualified and as we are having many years’ experience about the needs of people. In my era, our plastic products getting according to their needs and shape which we store at our warehouses and many are in process. Our company has been working for this for many years and has experienced that our products are finest in our region. etc Every household keeps plastic items that are mostly used in their daily routine such as; plastic lunch boxes for offices or schools, plastic bottles for schools and outings, plastic bowls for storing fruits or vegetables and food, plastic glasses as well, and many other items which are used mostly in our houses for eating, storing, drinking, packing. As many people use glass crockery just because of the low quality of plastic products and they also prefer glass crockery because they shine till the end but we are providing you with very fine quality plastic. We also use crystal items to sell because they shine till the end like glass. It is also a valuable item, not so expensive, not so cheap. But still, it was worth it. I hope you all would like our products and support us by giving good references using our items. Thank you.